• From a clapper boy in the silent movie “Raiders Of The Rail Road” in 1936, Dr. Ramanand Sagar rose to be a successful film maker, writer, director & producer to be reckoned with. 
  • He not only mastered the art of cinema, but also entertained the masses in the long run.

  • As an independent film writer he wrote about 29 films He established his own film production company “Sagar Art Corporation” in 1950. His first production was “MEHMAAN”, which was written, directed & produced by him . Later his group of companies produced over 25 motion pictures till 1984 with over 15 of them being big box-office bonanzas, some of them having crossed 75 weeks theatrically, and some have become evergreen hits in the annals of Indian cinema.
  • The block busters included  Silver jubilees – six in a raw
  • “ZINDAGI”,
  • “ARZOO”,
  • “GEET”,
  • “LALKAR”,
  • “HAMRAHI”,
  • “CHARAS”,
  • “BHAGAVAT” & a diamond jubilee “ANKHEN”.

Entry of a Giant Film Maker into the Small Screen
Pioneer of Indian Television Industry

In Mid 70’s, Dr. Ramanand Sagar and his sons while shooting for “Charas” in France, visited a French home and the whole family watched television together.

As a visionary man, he foresaw that TV will ultimately surpass the big screen.The realization that it was the right medium that brought families together to watch respectable programs, He along with his sons took the biggest stride in TV history which gave them international recognition.

A thought process born in 1975, finally saw the light of the day in 1985. The Sagar Group were the first to enter into TV software production & created some of the most memorable programs in Indian Television. 

The futuristic approach and vision of Dr. Ramanand Sagar led the Sagar Group of companies to become one of the pioneers in India’s media production industry. 

Starting with the megahit TV serial “Vikram & Betaal”, and followed by fairy tales of “Dada Dadi Ki Kahaniyan”, Sagar Group – in a  period of just 15 years have logged over 2,000 Hours of super hit Television software, including the blockbusters “RAMAYAN”, “SHRI KRISHNA”, “ALIF LAILA”, “JAI GANGA MAIYA”, “ANKHEN” “SAI BABA” which was his last show before he left his body. 


  • On its launching in 1987, Prime Minister of India Shri RAJIV GANDHI said that 

    “… the  ‘RAMAYAN’ has stirred the imaginations of millions of viewers. It has imbibed the great  Indian culture, tradition and moral values specially in the young …”
  • Former President of India SHANKAR DAYAL SHARMA said 
    “… the ideals and life style in the epic ‘RAMAYAN’ are valid for humanity forever…”
  • THE WALL STREET JOURNAL – N.Y. (front  page) – “…‘RAMAYAN’ was  so popular even with non-Hindus, that some Christian Churches rescheduled Sunday services so that parishioners wouldn’t miss it…”
  • CNN –  “… 3200 Year old Indian epic -‘RAMAYAN’ – streets became deserted as Indians abandoned work and chores to watch the adventure of Lord Rama…”

  • THE TIMES – London –  “…‘RAMAYAN’ is India’s most successful television serial, watched weekly by an estimated 40 million people…”
  • A book titled ‘NO FULL STOPS IN INDIA’ – by Mark Tully – BBC Correspondent –  devoted one complete chapter with 27 pages  to Ramanand Sagar’s ‘RAMAYAN’ and its unbelievable  popularity.
  • 5 VOLUMES OF RAMAYAN were translated in Japanese language for OSAKA University of Foreign studies and taught by Prof. Tomio Mizokami  to Japanese student in OSAKA University.
  • THE TIMES OF INDIA  wrote – “…‘RAMAYAN’ is the Biggest Block Buster in the History of Indian Television …”
  • INDIA TODAY wrote – “…‘RAMAYAN’ is a Divine Sensation…”
  • NELSON Ratings – “…‘RAMAYAN’ generated significant Nelson rating when telecast on “Eye on Asia” in New York…”

Voice Over

‘RAMAYAN’ has been read in countless tongues, written and televised in myriad languages. It has found a home in simple villages and sophisticated cities all over the  world. Since its telecast in Eightes ‘RAMAYAN’ has been hailed as a MODERN DAY MIRACLE. The media also hailed its director Ramanand Sagar, as modern day TULSIDAS and VALMIKI. Shobha Yatras and victory processions were held all over India to felicitate the man who made ‘RAMAYAN’ a miracle, who brought ‘RAMAYAN’ to every home. These processions these Shobha  Yatras, these Honours and Awards were an everyday affair after the telecast of ‘RAMAYAN’.


Conferred the title of PADAMASHRI by Government of India in 2001

In 1997 – Doctor of Literature (D.Lit.) (Honoris Causa by Jammu University)

In 1996 – Doctor of Literature (Sahitya Vachaspati) by Hindi Sahitya Sammelan (Prayag) Allahabad 



1949  – Raj Kapoor’s BARSAAT (The Rain) – (Writer)

1950 – BIRTH OF SAGAR ARTS with MEHMAAN (The Guest)– (Producer Director & Writer)
Starring Nimmi, Premnath, Sajjan and Poornima

1950 – BADI BAHU (The Daughter-in-Law) – (Writer)
Best story Award Mussoorie Film Festival


1951 –BAZOOBAND ( The Armlet) – Producer – Director & Writer)
Starring Balraj Sahni 
1951 – JAAN PEHCHAN (Acquaintance) – (Writer)
1951 – POONAM (Moon Light –Writer )


1953 – SANGDIL (Stone Hearted) –(Writer)
Starring DilipKumar and Madhubala
1953 – SHAGUFA (The Bloom) –(Writer)

1954 – ILZAAM (Accusation) – (Writer)
1954 – DIDI (The Sister) – (Writer)

1955 – RUKHSANA (Princess Rukhsana) – (Writer)
1955 – INSANIYAT (Humanity) – (Writer)
Starring Dilip Kumar, Dev Anand and  Bina Rai


1956 – RAJTILAK (The Coronation) –(Writer)

1957 – PAIGHAM (The Message) – (Writer)
Starring Dilip Kumar, Raaj Kumar, Vijayanti Mala.
“Film Fare  Award” – Best Dialogue Award presented by President of Egypt Abdul Gamel Nasser

1958 – RAJ KUMAR (The Prince) –(Writer )
Starring Shammi Kapoor and Sadhana.

1958 – KOHINOOR – (Writer)
Starring  Dilip Kumar and Meena Kumari.



1960 – GHUNGHAAT (The Veil)- (Producer, Director & Writer–financed by Gemini)
Received Film Fare Award – best Actress
Starring Bina Rai, Bharat Bhushan, Pradeep Kumar and Asha Parekh 
Remembered for evergreen canvas & melodious music. A big super duper hit .


1964 – ZINDAGI (Life)–(Producer, Director & Writer – financed by Gemini)
Starring Rajendra Kumar, Vyjantimala and Raaj Kumar. The biggest block buster ever 


1965 – ARZOO – (The desire) – (Producer, Director & Writer)
Winner of 25 awards
Silver jubilee at over 16 cities 
100 days at over 12 stations 
All time records 42 Stations 
Starring super hit pair Rajendra Kumar and Sadhana 
Official Indian entry at the Sydney Film Festival ● Indian Film Festival at Moscow 
Best story award -‘Tashkant Film Festival’ 


1968 – ANKHEN (The Eyes) – (Producer, Director & Writer ) 
Celebrated Diamond jubilee 
Starring  Dharmendra, Mala Sinha and Kum Kum 
Shown  at Indian Film Festival Moscow 

Winner OF 20 awards including – two Film Fare Awards – Best Director & Best Cinematographer 

All time records 50 Stations 
Celebrated Silver jubilee at over 12 stations 
100 days at over 25 stations 

Shot in Japan, Middle East, Hong Kong, etc.


1970 – GEET (The Song) – (Producer, Director & Writer )
Winner of 10 Awards
Starring the hit pair Rajendra Kumar and Mala Sinha

All time record 52 stations 
Celebrated Silver jubilees at 8 Stations 
100 days at 12 Stations 


1972 – LALKAR (The Challenge) – (Producer, Director & Writer)

Mega Silver jubilee hit

Starring Rajendra Kumar, Mala Sinha, Dharmendra, Kum Kum & Dara Singh

Winner of over 10 awards for cinematography


1973 – JALTE BADAN (Sizzling Bodies)- (Producer, Director & Writer) 

Over 5 Awards for Best Cinematography – including Andra Pradesh Film Journalists Asso. Award


1974 – HAMRAHI – (A Ramanand Sagar presentation – Director – Anand Sagar)

A Silver juilee hit.

Starring Randhir Kapoor, Tanuja  and Khestho Mukerjee 
Winner of over 25 awards including 12 awards for Best – Comedian Khestho Mukerjee and 4 awards for best cinematography 


1975 – CHARAS (The Dope Peddlers)- (Producer, Director & Writer)

Starring Dharmendra  and Hema Malini

  • Hottest Silver jubilee hit
  • Box office record at over 75 Theaters at over 40 cities
  • 100 days at over 30 stations.

Shot all over Europe including Switzerland, Italy, France, Malta etc.


1977 – PREM BANDHAN (Bondages of Love)-(Director)

Starring  Rajesh Khanna, Rekha and Moushami Chatterjee


1978 – RAM BHAROSE – (A Ramanand Sagar presentation – Director – Anand Sagar)

Starring  Randhir Kapoor, Rekha, Amjad Khan and Dara Singh.

A Silver Jubliee Hit.


1979 – HUM TERE ASHIQ HAIN – (A Ramanand Sagar presentation – Director – Prem Sagar)

Starring Jitendra, Hema Malini, Dr. Sri Ram Lagoo and Amjad Khan


1980 –  PYAARA DUSHMAN – (A Ramanand Sagar presentation – Director – Anand Sagar)

A Silver Jubilee Hit
Gold Disc for Super hit song – Hari Om Hari…


1981 – ARMAAN –  (A Ramanand Sagar presentation – Director – Anand Sagar)

Starring  Raj Babbar, Ranjita, Deepak Parashar and Shammi Kapoor

Gold Disc for Super hit song – Ramba Ho… Samba Ho…


1982 – BAGHAVAT (The Rebellion) – (Producer, Director & Writer)

Starring  Dharmendra, Hema Malini and Reena Roy.
A Silver Jubilee block buster


1983 – ROMANCE – ( Producer, Director & Writer )

Starring  Kumar Gaurav, Poonam Dhillon and Shammi Kapoor

Shot all over in U.K. including lake district – Newcastle upon Tyne  


1985 – BAADAL – (A Ramanand Sagar presentation – Director – Anand Sagar)

Starring  Mithun Chakravarthy, Poonam Dhillion and Shammi Kapoor

1985 – SALMA – (Producer & Director )

Starring Raj Babbar,  Salma Agha and Farooq Sheikh